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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Muhammad Farooq (PUCIT) Talking to Students

Muhammad Farooq

Muhammad Farooq
This is from some memories of Sir Muhammad Farooq (our very nice and honourable teacher). This lecture was delivered by them as a message to all students. Unka kehna ha ke yeh batein har insaan ko hamesha yaad rakhni chayeah, kyun ke yahee life ka asli asset hain, thats why WikiClouds brought these for you. Lets see what they says
This is an incident told by them!
“Aik daffa Hazrat Moosa (AS) ne Allah  se sawaal kya ke aey Allah, mein is dunya ka sabse burra or sabse acha banda dekhna chahta hoon. Allah ne farmaya ke aap falaan Jaggah per challey jana wahan sabse pehley jo shakhs guzrey ga woh sabse burra shakhs hoga dunya ka. Hazrat Mossa (AS) us jagga per gaye or ek shakhs ko dekha jo wahan sabse pehley guzra, unko yeh ishara ho gya ke yeh shakhs dunya ka sabse burra shakhs hai….Ab dobara unhon ne Allah se sawaal kya ke mein dunya ka sabse acha insaan dekhna chahta hoon, unko Allah ne farmaya falan jagah per jana jo shakhs sab se pehley guzrey wahan se woh dunya ka sabse acha shakhs hoga.
kheir, Hazzrat Mossa (AS) us jaggah per gaye or unhon ne ussi shakhs ko dobara wohi se guzrtey dekha jis ne apne bachey ko uthaya hua tha…..
Us bachey ne apne baap se sawaal poocha   ….
“Papa merey se barra kon hai ?”
us shakhs ne jawab dya beta mein, (kyun ke mein tumhara baap hoon)
Us bachey ne abne baap se dobara poocha…
“Aaap se barra kon hai ?”
Us shakhs ne jawab dya….. yeh trees (Darakht…)
Us bachey ne phir sawal poocha,
Trees se bhi barra kon hai ?
us shakhs ne jawab dya….
Beta, Pahaar, Chaand, Sooraj, Sitaarey etc……..
Bachey ne sawaal poocha…
In sabse barra kon hai ?……
Us shakhs ne jawab dya…
Beta in sabse barrey merey Gunnah hain…..
Or un sabse barra mera Alllah hai….
Or us se barri uski bakhshish…………………..

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

US company initiates apprentice programme at PU

A well-known US-based e-lancing company, oDesk (, has started its apprentice programme at Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT), to equip the online market place with more technical manpower. The programme is directed towards IT students who are in their last year of technical education.

PUCIT will provide a well-equipped, state of the art computer laboratory to help these students get training and utilise their learning experiences on a practical map. oDesk has prepared a special course for these students approved by oDesk's marketing and copyright departments. PUCIT had carried out an internal written test and created a merit list based on overall academics of applicants and their performance in the written test. Top candidates from the merit list were interviewed by oDesk Country Manager. During the first cycle, a total of 20 students were selected. PUCIT is one of the largest IT institutes of Pakistan and is known for the high quality of their students and graduates. The college holds the distinction of being the very first institute to participate in this apprentice programme in-house.